Toll Free: 1.800.791.8232

At Steam Showers, we ship our steam showers directly from our warehouse to your door. There is no middleman and no drop shipping. All units are brand new in the box. We ship anywhere in the USA within 8-10 business days for in-stock models.

Stock changes frequently, so please contact us if you need a specific delivery date. In-stock orders will be shipped within 1-2 business days. A tracking number for your order will be provided at the time of shipment.

Your shipment will be delivered with a lift gate on board the delivery truck, quickly lowering the shipping crate slowly and safely into your driveway.

Residential Delivery Service: Residential delivery is a standard service that delivers the steam shower unit directly to your residence.

Commercial Delivery Service: Commercial delivery service is available to any business in the US or Canada at no additional charge.

Safe Handling: Our shipping services include extra packaging to keep your steam shower in perfect condition when it arrives at your door. Our packaging has the standard cardboard and styrofoam packing materials inside, and we also reinforce the shipping container using top-grade lumber to crate every unit into safely moving cargo.

Notify Before Delivery: We notify each customer when the unit has left our warehouse via phone. We will also contact you before the delivery to schedule the delivery window to ensure you are there when the shipment arrives. This ensures you are there to inspect the unit and accept the delivery. The shipping company will not show up at your home unexpectedly.

Delivery Policy: When your steam shower is delivered, the purchaser of the unit must be present for the delivery. The purchaser must inspect the packaging for damage, torn boxes, or holes in any packaging.

Do not sign the delivery receipt until you are 100% sure that the product you received is in good condition. Damage that is noted will be covered by our warranty policy. Damages that are reported later with no exemptions on the delivery receipt will not be covered. The packages must be opened within 3 days of receiving them to ensure the product is in good condition.

If damage is found internally with no damage to the outside of the box, call the shipping company and Steam Showers 4 Less at (800) 791-8232 right away to report the issue. Any type of internal damage must be reported within 3 business days of delivery in order to be covered.